Holiday Lighting Cost Estimator

To help you get an idea of what your project might cost we have created this quick and easy project estimator. Simply enter in what you are looking to have done to instantly see a close approximation of your first year cost. Keep in mind this quote is for the first year, which includes installation, removal and purchase of all product. Subsequent years you will see a price reduction of 40% to 50% as your products will have already been purchased.

House Trim

The trim can be commonly described as the gutters and peaks of your home. Usually we recommend lighting the front portion of your home but if you live on a corner you may want to do the sides as well. Keep in mind that most 3 car garages have approximately 40 feet of gutter above them.

Roof Trim Length


Fir/pine trees are wrapped in a circular manner, while deciduous trees have each of their branches wrapped to highlight the shape of the tree.

Small: 4-6' feet tall, Medium: 6-8', Large: 8-10', and Extra Large: 10-12'. Larger trees can be done, however a site visit is necessary to get an accurate quote.


Small Medium Large Extra Large


Small Medium Large Extra Large


Small: 1-2 feet tall, Medium: 2-3', Large: 3-4', and Extra Large: 4-6'

Small Medium Large Extra large

Stake Lights

Add these lights along your walkways, yard edges and driveways


The Little Extras

Great way to add a little pop to your display.


30" Real 36" Pre-lit 48" Pre-lit 60" Pre-lit


Real, no lights Real with lights Artificial with lights

Decorative Red Bows

Small Medium Small