Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be home for installation or take down?

In most cases, the customer does not need to be home for the installation, maintenance, or take down of your lights or decorations.

After the holidays, do you remove the lights?

Yes, after the holiday season is over, our light professionals will remove your lights and place them in a storage container (that we provide) for you to store until the next season.

Do I have to turn on my lights every night?

No, all Brothers Holiday Lights installed for customers are automated with timers and are preset at a Dusk to Dawn setting. This can be changed to other hours of your liking.

What if something happens to my lights?

We are a full-service company. Your lights and decorations are guaranteed day-to-day. If you have any problems, just give us a call or send us an email, and we will send a crew to your home to replace any dead bulbs/strands or make any adjustments at no extra cost to you.

What type of decorations do you offer?

We provide commercial-grade, high-quality products that you won't find in retail stores. We offer seasonal lights, permanent year-round lights, and seasonal decorations such as pre-lit wreaths and pre-lit garlands.

Will you install my own lights and/or decorations that I purchased online or at the hardware store?

No, unfortunately, we will not install any products that were not purchased through our company for quality and warranty purposes.

Do you warranty your lights?

Yes, we warranty and will replace any lights/products for three years. Seasonal light customers typically use their lights for 6 to 7 years before replacing them.

Will you clean my gutters when you come out to hang my holiday lights?

We would be delighted to clean your gutters but cannot do it when we come out to hang your lights. Our sister company Brothers ProClean can help you as soon as the holiday season is over and the weather warms up. Visit

Are you a licensed and insured company?

Yes, you can rest assured that our worker's compensation & liability insurance protects you and your home from any liability. We are a licensed, bonded, and insured professional company that has been in the holiday lighting business for almost 20 years.

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