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Static Warm White or Static Color Spheres

Our Commercial Grade Decor, the LED Foldable Spheres. Your imagination is the only limit to accessorizing a display with one or a cluster of the different colors and sizes available. Suspend a few from the balcony or a tree, place an assortment by the entrance or at the base of some bushes, the ideas are endless.

  • Sizes: 20 in, 30 in, 40 in
  • Steady light bulbs
  • 5mm Wide Angle Conical
  • 9 watts per sphere
  • Professional, high-quality bulbs
  • A clasp on each side for securing shape
  • Metal frame for seasons of use to look forward to
  • If one bulb goes out, all other bulbs continue to stay lit
  • Light colors: Warm white, pure white, green, blue, red, multi

Color changing RGB Spheres

Colorful, color-changing and programmable orbs can be hung from trees, porches and decks; staked to the ground in gardens or planting beds. RGB means “red, green, blue”. That is the colors of the individual LEDs and when combined in different amounts, they can create any color imaginable.

  • Sizes 6, 10, 14, 16 & 20 in.
  • Color changing
  • Can be programmed with specific colors or patterns
  • Five size options allow flexibility and creativity in design options
  • Each orb has a 360° view
  • Orbs have smooth, opaque finish to shed soft, colorful light.
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Christmas light hanging service
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Christmas light hanging service

LED Falling Snow Tube

The LED Falling Snow Tube offers you a unique look. Each tube features a number of LEDs that alternate on and off to create the snow falling effect that will capture the interest of viewers. Whether you are using them to decorate trees, line your home or your business, these snow tubes are sure to be a great touch that will show off not only your Christmas spirit, but can be used for winter decorating as well. If you have been looking for a special light piece that will draw the eye, these falling snow tubes are the right choice.

  • Sizes: 12 in, 24 in, 36 in
  • Commercial grade – Pro Christmas™ Brand
  • Each LED in the tube turns off and on alternatively, trailing the previous LED, to create the falling snow look
  • Light colors: warm white, pure white, cool white, blue, green, red, red/pure white/blue, pure white/blue, pure white/red

Twinkle Starburst

Twinkling LED Starburst for a mesmerizing burst of light! Perfect for adding a touch of magic to any space, this stunning decorative piece will captivate the viewer with its dazzling LED lights. Whether you’re decorating for a special occasion or simply want to create a unique ambiance, our Twinkling LED Starburst is a must-have. Explore our collection now and let your imagination shine!

Our LED Starbursts are second to none for your go to lighted holiday décor! Flexible construction allows you unlimited options when you decorate. Starbursts can be fanned out in an orb, laid flat, twisted, curled, whatever you like. And when you are done for the season, they collapse nice and neat for storage! These unique decorations are outdoor safe and IP44 rated to facilitate a large variety of creative uses Ideal for any occasion.

  • Sizes: 12 in, 16 in, 18 in, 24 in
  • Frame color wrapping: brown, white or silver
  • Steady & twinkling light bulbs
  • 5mm Wide Angle Conical
  • Light colors: Warm white, pure white, green, blue, red, multi
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Christmas light hanging service

Moravian Star

  • Size: 14 in
  • Watts: 15
  • Light colors: white, frost, blue, green, red, yellow, purple, amber/orange, white/blue, white/red
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Christmas light hanging service

RGB “Mega” Pole Tree – 18 – 25 ft.

The RGB Mega tree would be the centerpiece of any holiday display. This tree will be sure to draw a crowd. Any color, any pattern, any animation, set it to music. A tree topper can be added on. Be the talk of the town and put on a holiday show with the
Mega tree.

Not finding what you have in mind?

We have hundreds more of different type of Christmas, holiday and event lighting and decorations to browse. Just click the link below or check our website


Holiday lighting Installation near me

Special order décor is subject to availability. Special order décor is anything other than string lights and mini lights.


The main and obvious difference is size. See the picture below. Both C7 and C9 bulbs are used to decorate houses and buildings and look great for any design. A C9 bulb is going to be slightly brighter, which is something to consider if you have neighbors nearby. Many residential homes have C7 bulbs, but the larger (and brighter) C9 bulb is becoming more popular with homeowners in the last few years. We also decorate large commercial buildings with C9 bulbs.

We only use Minleon commercial grade bulbs. Minleon is the largest manufacturer of high quality, commercial grade lights. We warranty all our products for 3 years.

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Christmas light hanging service
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Christmas light hanging service


COLORS PICTURED (left to right)

  • Orange
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Warm White – traditional & most popular
  • Cool White
  • Yellow

Most common colors but additional colors can be ordered.


  • Warm White (looks similar to the traditional incandescent bulbs) Most Popular
  • Cool White (a brighter and cooler white. Gives a crisp white look like
  • Multi-color – (red, green, blue & orange)
  • Red, green, blue, orange or any combination
  • Red & white (warm or cool) we refer to as Candy-Cane
  • Red & green
  • Red, green & warm white
  • We can custom order other colors, but it may add to the cost.

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